Public Safety

A Malibu City Council Member’s top priority is keeping Malibu safe. In Malibu safety starts on Pacific Coast Highway. Karen will work with law enforcement, government agencies, and elected officials to enact policies and procedures that focus on enhancing safety on PCH. Karen is committed to ensuring the men and women who keep Malibu safe have the resources they need to do the job.

Local Control

Too often Malibu is at the mercy of outside interests and influences. When Karen is elected to the Malibu City Council she will ensure Malibu residents have a say in the decisions being made regarding land use, open space, services, and education.

Independent Malibu School District

Karen has been at the forefront of the effort to establish an independent Malibu School District. Karen will continue her work to ensure that Malibu students have safe schools, and access to the world class curriculum they deserve.

Preserving Malibu

Maintaining what makes Malibu unique while serving the needs of residents takes expert decision making and foresight. Karen is committed to careful planning and thoughtful land use. Karen will work to bring the services that Malibu residents want while never losing sight of what makes Malibu special.

Standing Up for Malibu

With just 13,000 residents Malibu hasn’t had the clout to stand up to the outside agencies dictating policies and regulations that impact our day to day life. Malibu needs a Council Member who will stand up against the special interests that are impacting Malibu. Karen wants Malibu to have the final say when policies affecting Malibu are under consideration.